Our Cost Optimizer will minimising your overall cloud spend by identifying mismanaged resources, eliminating waste, reserving capacity for higher discounts, and Right Sizing computing services to scale.

Cost Optimizer

Minimize Cloud costs with Automated
Cloud Optimization

Our cloud cost optimization platform helps cloud engineers become more cost-conscious, aligns engineering with finance, and puts cloud costs in the context of your specific business.


Compute Scheduling

compute scheduling is the most cost-effective way to reduce cloud costs and then optimize them.

  • The scheduler is a weekly timetable for resources like instances, databases, stacks, and stateful sets. You can plan for all resources at once for a week.

  • As a result, users will only pay for the resources when it is utilized efficiently and will avoid unnecessary extra charges.

Compute Scaling

Compute Scaling is all about adding or reducing resources to meet changes in demand. It’s the ability of a system to accommodate larger or smaller loads.

  • Don't make the same mistake in your cloud deployments by overbuying capacity when it's so easy to scale.

  • Compute scaling monitors your resources and automatically adjusts your server capacity.


Auto Stopping

One of the considerable sources of cloud charges is idle resources.

  • Resources like EC2 instances, Kubernetes workloads, and RDS databases are charged per hour

  • so we provided you with a handy trick called "Auto-stop". If you enable auto-stop functionality, it will halt your resources by monitoring them.

Savings Advisor

Saving Advisor provides estimated cost savings for applicable recommendations.

  • Our Saving Advisor scans your tenancy for every 4 hours in a day to identify underutilized resources so that you can save money without degrading performance.