Time is the most important factor while using cloud infrastructure. It may take a couple of months to optimize your cloud expenditure. But, when it comes to CloudEarl, our experts optimize your expenditure just in a couple of days and deploy the right solutions to Optimize your cloud expenditure.

Compute Scheduling

Scheduling is the most important factor thing that must be implementedin every organization. So that one can save a minimum of 60% of expenditure.

Compute Rightsizing

Rightsizing keeps your cloud environment lean and optimized. Part of our service involves making recommendations that keep your cloud environment performing at its best.

Reservation Recommendations

Most companies spend a lot of time for getting a clear idea about saving plans and Reserved Instances. Our team expertise in doing the calculations for better saving plans depending on the needs.

Resource Optimization

Most companies spend money on hidden idle resources like volumes, backups, snapshots, and other resources and we provide services in finding hidden resources and we create proper lifecycles to optimize your expenditure.

Cost Analysis & Auditing

To provide awareness to managers who come from a non-technical background should be understood easily about the expenditure on which solution and on which product how much we spent.

No Hidden Price

You only have to pay for what you use. There are no expenditures for maintenance or support.


Our next genenration tools focus on managing your FinOps & SecOps

SecOps & FinOps

Nowadays Cloud cost management and cloud security management are big challenges for every organization. Our tools take the responsibility of managing those and make your clouds more optimized and secure.

Cloudearl is the most feature-rich scheduling solution available, with actions for AWS,AZURE and GCP. CloudEarl automates cloud infrastructure to improve performance, simplify management, and lower expenses. Provide the most scalable infrastructure for your cloud workloads at the lowest feasible cost.

Cost Optimizer

Our Cost Optimizer will minimising your overall cloud spend by identifying mismanaged resources, eliminating waste, reserving capacity for higher discounts, and Right Sizing computing services to scale.

Insight Cost Analyzer

Cloud cost Analyzer is a cloud infrastructure management tool that employs advanced analytics to give you visibility and insight into your cloud expenditures.

Cloud Guard

Our Cloud Guard is a Cloud Infrastructure solution that enables to our customers to monitor, detect, establish, and maintain a solid security posture.

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About CloudEarl

CloudEarl was founded in 2020. Our Team offer pioneering Cost Optimization solutions for small, medium, and enterprise clients that are using single and multi-cloud. CloudEarl a team with a deep competency in the economics and technology of cloud and has built its service natively for Public Cloud.

At CloudEarl expertise cloud consultants who designed various tools in helping clients to optimize their cloud expenditure and accelerate their cloud infrastructure. One suite to manage all the infrastructure hosted in multiple cloud providers!!


Our presence is located in Visakhapatnam where we do the design of our platforms.

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